Excuse me while I get all “spiritual” for a second…

I was talking with my folks this weekend about Harry Potter and its success and how much people love the idea of another world. We love the thought of something more going on than we can see… And this morning, I was thinking about these people I know (aka Kurtis’ dad and siblings) who are on a mission trip in Mexico… And I was thinking about Satan and his attacks on them, and this army of angels that goes with the group and protects them… And I realize his must sound crazy… Heck, it sounds crazy to me, too! But it occurred to me that, mane the reason we are so drawn to the potential for supernatural things, maybe part of why I love Harry Potter so much, is that my soul lives within the spiritual realm, and, when I open myself to those battles and forces, that’s when I’m living real life.
Or maybe I just love Harry potter because it’s a quality story line; it could go either way.

  • Me: when I grow up I'm gonna be the kind of person... We'll I'm gonna be the kind of person who's poor. BUT in another universe, I'd be the kind of person who has an Audi with a hatchback so I can have a dog.
  • Dad: Why are you going to be the kind of person who's poor?
  • Me: Because I don't think I'll be very good at... Jobs...
  • Mum: you don't have to be good at jobs... Just marry someone who is!
  • Mum: Or just get a job at something you're good at!
  • Me: That's why I'm gonna be poor!